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A Luxury Island Off The Coast Of Mozambique

Medjumbe island, off the coast of Mozambique is little more than a sandbank in the middle of the Indian Ocean. It’s 1km in length and surrounded by azure blue waters, shallow reefs and an exotic array of sea life. It’s also the setting of my latest summer read, THE NEW YEAR RESOLUTION.


When mulling over the plot and conflicts of THE NEW YEAR RESOLUTION, I looked for a setting that was isolated, stunningly beautiful, and warm and balmy. A place where my hero and heroine could lose themselves in each other and have lots of sizzling, summery beach sex!

A friend, who lives in South Africa, suggested one of the islands off Mozambique. Having never been to Moz before, I was a bit sceptical, but then I went online (LOVE the internet) and boy was I blown away. Medjumbe fit the bill to perfection. Sand as white as snow, sea the color in postcards and all under a canopy of cobalt blue sky. Bliss…

Local African flavour is evident in the decor of the luxury accommodations on the island, as well as the cuisine. The international jet-setter, Ryan Jackson, (my hero) holidays there fairly regularly.

Medjumbe is perfectly suited to diving, with the shallow reefs, warm water and high visibility, so obviously my hero and heroine do some of this. What better place to get hot and heavy than after a dive, on board a luxury boat, bobbing on the reef?

See more pictures of Mejumbe Island Resort on my PINTEREST page: http://pinterest.com/louisenovelist/the-new-year-resolution/.

The New Year Resolution is available on Amazon.com at http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00D7HXMDU


  1. The picture above is gorgeous! I say a visit is in order.

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