Delve into the thrilling, yet sensual world of Louise Rose-Innes. Her books are fast-paced, with lots of action and adventure, as well as sizzling passion. What more could you want?


Undercurrent (A P.I. Munro Crane Romantic Thriller)
Available: December 2018
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Private Investigator, Munro Crane, is asked to spy on a client’s wife, but this is not just any client, it’s the man to whom he owes his life. It soon becomes obvious that Sarah Erkel is up to something suspicious, but it’s not what her husband thinks. As far as Crane can make out, she’s not having an affair, she’s investigating the murder of a friend. As Crane follows her every move, he realizes that nothing is as it seems and the man he thought he could trust, becomes the man he must betray in order to see justice served.




Former socialite, Lexi, adores her new, fulfilling life as a gorilla vet in the Congolese jungle. Even the surrounding political volatility can’t dim her contentment – until she meets the sanctuary’s enigmatic benefactor, Sir Anthony. He’s wealthy and arrogant, appearing more concerned with his company’s image than the welfare of the sanctuary he’s endowed. He symbolizes the empty, pampered life she left behind – so why is she falling for him?

When rebels attack the sanctuary, Sir Anthony is the only man who can keep her safe – yet he’s also the biggest threat her heart has ever faced.A fast-paced, romantic suspense novel from Amazon Bestselling Author, Louise Rose-Innes. Louise writes contemporary romance and romantic suspense novels.

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Her life is in the hands of a man she can’t trust…

Trapped in a country in the midst of a rebellion, Hannah Evans is on the run for her life. Her only hope of escape is to join forces with disgraced Special Forces operative Tom Wilde, who is overseeing the extraction of all British nationals from the embassy. It’s a form of punishment for his last failed mission, from which neither his body, nor his mind, has fully recovered. When he meets Hannah, he sees an opportunity to redeem himself. The information she holds is important enough to end the civil war—all he needs to do is get her out of the war-ridden country alive and back to Britain.

The sexual attraction between them is too intense to ignore, but Hannah knows the career-soldier has a hidden agenda. Can she trust him to lead her to safety, or will he sacrifice her in his bid for redemption?

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